New Game Revealed By Goat Simulator Developer

Goat Simulator’s architect Armin Ibrisagic and his studio DoubleMoose have declared Just Die Already, an “Elderly folks People Mayhem Sandbox Game.”

This “ludicrously bloody and flighty material science based sandbox game” will see players turning into those of the “more senior influence” that must contend insane difficulties to procure a spot “On the planet’s Nicest Retirement Home.”

Simply Die Already can be played performance or with up to three companions, and it is set to be discharged on PC in Summer 2020. A demo will be discharged on Steam “in the blink of an eye,” allowing those intrigued to evaluate this title for themselves.

“At the point when we began making the game, there wasn’t such a lot of going on,” says Armin Ibrisagic, signaling around at all the worldwide insanity. “So it feels somewhat peculiar presenting such a silly, over-the-top sandbox game when the world is so dreary right now. All things considered, possibly supergluing a rocket pack to the rear of an octogenarian and sending him flying into a building site just to perceive what happens is the sort of getaway we as a whole need at this moment?”

Simply Die Already lets you “grasp your inward boomer” and “unleash ruin on the Millennial and Zoomer populace.” NPCs will even act diversely to you contingent upon their age.

You are likewise ready to get and interface with a wide assortment of items, including monster trouts, trampolines, guns, jetpacks, firecrackers, and significantly more. Be that as it may, players must be cautious as all aspects of your body can be broken…oh, and each part may likewise tumble off.

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