New Map Called Fourex Coming Soon In Pubg

PUBG Mobile may before long be getting a significant new expansion with another guide to play, just as another weapon and vehicle. Another Classic guide has showed up in the beta rendition of the game, and it could advance toward the customary adaptation of the game soon. It is called ‘Secretmap’ in the beta form however a report recommends that the name of this new guide could be ‘Fourex’. This new guide was prodded by PUBG Mobile on Twitter also with certain postcards demonstrating four distinct zones of the guide.

PUBG Mobile ‘Secretmap’ subtleties

The new Classic guide in PUBG Mobile beta is generally littler than a normal guide like Erangel. The all out number of players in this guide is likewise lower than what is permitted in Erangel and Miramar. It accompanies some new structures that have a few likenesses to the ones in Sanhok, which is another generally littler guide, just as certain structures taken from Erangel. The landscape is somewhat unique and incorporates both snow territories and lush zones. It likewise has a drivable Monster truck as another vehicle, just as the P90 sub-automatic rifle. There is additionally another shotgun called the SPAS-12.

There are some ongoing interaction changes too like adversaries being naturally stamped when you take shots at them. Strikingly, there are a few zones with money boxes however they don’t open starting at now. Moreover, the new mystery map is the principal map that has gone to the versatile rendition of the game first.

According to a report by Dotesports, this new mystery guide could be called ‘Fourex’. It has four fundamental parts that are like a few territories in Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi maps. These four zones were recently prodded by PUBG Mobile on Twitter as four pictures of postcards with stamps giving one region every one of the new guide.

PUBG Mobile is getting a significant update on June 1 alongside a “strange wilderness” mode, yet that probably wo exclude this new guide. Starting at now, there is no data on what the official name of the guide will be and when it will come to PUBG Mobile. Additionally, since the new mystery map is in the beta form of the game, it isn’t the last form and may see changes when it does authoritatively dispatch.

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