New Pedestrian Surveys Launched in the UK by Apple Maps to Gather Data and Improve Look Around


Over 85 specific towns and boroughs in Berkshire, Greater London, Greater Manchester, Staffordshire, and the West Midlands will be mapped using cameras and sensors attached to backpacks worn by pedestrians.

It is hoped that the new data collection will help improve Apple Maps, including the 2D map data and the Look Around feature, which provides users with an aerial view of a specific location. Aside from public spaces like parks and city squares, Apple will also collect data in places like subway stations and streets where sensors cannot be mounted on a car.

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Pedestrian surveys in the UK have been conducted by Apple since 2019. Through the use of new surveys, it is possible to revisit previously visited locations and collect new data in an effort to maintain a high-quality, accurate map.

Onlookers can request additional censorship of their images, and Apple has affirmed that it will continue to protect their privacy by censoring faces and license plates on images published in Look Around. The polls begin today and run through May 20th..

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