New rugged and SE versions of Apple Watch Series 8 are coming


(Pocket-lint) – In the second half of the year, Apple is expected to release at least three new Watch models.

A redesigned SE model and a tough variant aimed at extreme sports enthusiasts are expected to accompany the Apple Watch Series 8 when it launches next year.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said in his Power On newsletter over the weekend that the Watch S8 won’t bring significant improvements. His assertion was that it would be powered by the same chipset as the current Series 7 models.

He does, however, imply that the S9 will receive a significant upgrade in the next year.

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But getting back to the upgrade that was released this year, it’s possible that the Apple Watch SE may be the one to receive the most important update. Gurman hypothesized that it could ship with the same processor that is found in the S8, which would result in it being noticeably quicker and more powerful than the current SE.

The upcoming watchOS software will include significant fitness and sports tracking improvements, which is why he’s considering a tough watch. An improved SwimWatch or BikeWatch might be released to take advantage of the new metrics for swimming, biking, and running.

As for the Apple Watch Series 3 that is still being offered through the Apple Store, considering that it will not be getting watchOS 9-something that we informed you at the beginning of June-it is likely that it will ultimately be decommissioned, with the SE being the de facto entry-level device.

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