New Skins Coming In Fortnite Latest Update


I’m not exactly sure why the previous evening was the second that an entire bundle of new Fortnite skins were spilled, rather than prior in the week with the primary fix, however I’ve been filtering through crafted by my present most loved leaker, FireMonkey, and there are a huge assortment of skins going to hit the game.

There are seven altogether, however conceivably eight in the event that you incorporate a mystery one that is being prodded, regardless of whether it hasn’t completely spilled at this point. What’s more, we’ll start with the one I locate the most intriguing.

Father Bod Jonesy

We saw a brief look at this skin a week ago, and there has been a progressing banter about whether this skin should channel The Big Lebowski or Fat Thor from Avengers Infinity War. The identifier here is simply “Father Bod,” however given the ongoing appearance of Captain America showing up to the game by Bifrost, I have an inclination this could be a bother of a non-Jonesy Thor skin to come.

Bryce 3000

This appears to be a type of combination of like nine distinct eighties motion pictures all set up in a solitary skin. Vengeance of the Nerds meets Weird Science meets a lot of other stuff. I don’t adore it.


Do you like brilliant green? All things considered, that has all the earmarks of being the whole subject for Kyra, which will without a doubt show up on the less expensive side, as there is definitely not a mess to her.

Rally Raider

Presently we’re talking. This set is unquestionably Mad Max motivated and has spiked blessed messenger wings which might merit the expense of confirmation alone. You can get cover on and off variations for this one.


An Old West skin that was a piece past the point of no return for the Country-themed Diplo appear, however this will probably be a quite modest normal skin, on the off chance that I needed to figure.

Standard Patroller

What number of golf-enlivened skins do we need in this game? In any event one more, evidently.


Okay, I am truly cherishing this dull, female variant of Love Ranger. There is now a typical female Love Ranger (the name gets away from me at the present time), yet this one is shrewd and has horns, so plainly it’s way cooler.

Crash Dummy

This is something that FireMonkey saw, that there is a stacking screen skin including a Crash Dummy skin, and there are actually bits of a Crash Dummy flung around the trash of the guide. The thought is perhaps they will reassemble into a skin not far off, which I can see occurring.

Thus, which of these are you going to get


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