New subscriptions interface is available for the iPhone from Apple


Apple has updated the subscription management interface for the iPhone and iPad today, introducing a redesigned look that adds space between each subscription and makes it apparent which subscriptions are active or dormant.

When you tap on a subscription, you’ll get information on the cost and expiration date of the subscription, as well as alternatives to resubscribing to an expired membership. When it comes to services like Apple One, Apple TV, and Apple Music, the ability to change subscription plans and cancel subscriptions is now more readily available than in the past.

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Users of iOS 15.5 and later, including those using the iOS 16 beta, can see the redesigned subscription interface. Considering that iOS 15.4 doesn’t appear to have this feature, users with subsequent updates may only be able to access it. To see the updated interface, there is no need for a software update because it loads a webview that has been rebuilt by the company.

The new subscription interface is more in keeping with the rest of the Settings app modifications that Apple introduced with iOS 15 and preceding upgrades, delivering a simpler, more streamlined management structure.

When you open the Settings app, press on your profile image, and then select “Subscriptions” from the menu that appears, you will be brought to the interface for managing your subscriptions.

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