New trick from Apple increases iPhone battery life instantly  and it only takes seconds


This new iOS update from Apple should fix some of the battery drain issues that some people have been experiencing lately.

The problem affected not only iPhones but also iPads.

After the release of iOS 15.4 on March 14, Apple received numerous complaints from customers about issues with the operating system.

The tech giant acknowledged that some battery drain occurs immediately following the installation of an update, but revealed that this is normal.

It appears that this is due to the fact that the new software is still settling in with the apps.

And the system’s adjustment can take up to 48 hours.

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Even though battery drain was added to iOS 15.4.1, we can assume that some users are still experiencing issues.

Minor security flaws and other annoyances have been addressed in the most recent release as well.

“Battery may drain more quickly than expected after updating to iOS/iPadOS 15.4,” warns the release notes.

There are also fixes for “braille devices may become unresponsive while navigating text or displaying an alert” and “made for iPhone/iPad hearing devices may lose connection within some third-party apps,” according to the release notes.

There were a number of new features in iOS 15.4.

New emojis, a gender-neutral Siri voice, and a new Face ID mask mode are just some of the new features.

Go to Settings, General, and Software Update in order to download and install the most recent iOS update.

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