OB22 Patch Notes Add New Character In Free Fire’s Latest Update

Another Free Fire OB22 update is set to come out soon. It has been in trying for some time, with the Advance Server at long last discharged at this point. The new update will go live on June 3, 2020, and will bring huge amounts of new substance and highlights to the fight royale game. A portion of the features incorporate another character Wolfrahh, and pet Falco, among others.

Designers are additionally presenting changes that fans have been requesting. The game will presently have some enemy of hack frameworks that will distinguish and boycott all con artists and programmers with the assistance of outsider devices. Clients who are found cheating or utilizing a hack will be for all time prohibited from Free Fire. Designers discharged the fix notes as of late, uncovering all the new highlights that are going to the fight royale game.

Free Fire fix notes

1. Conflict Squad (Rank Season 1 – The Beginning)

  • Kalahari will be added to the matchmaking pool.
  • Another leaderboard will be included for Kills and Winrate.
  • Another profession execution page has been included for Clash Squad in the client’s profile.
  • The game will briefly restrict players from the Clash Squad (Ranked) in the event that they regularly quit in matches.
  • Bots will assume responsibility for detached/AFK colleagues.
  • The Golden Eagle is another season reward that will be given to players who arrive at Gold III.

2. Ongoing interaction

New Hitmarkers will be accessible in all modes. The size of Hitmarkers has been expanded and there are likewise a few acclimations to the shading. Players will have the option to get to it from the settings menu.

3. Limbo (Map opening modification)

The Purgatory – Classic has been added back to Free Fire.

4. Data Box

The Info box will show the area of the sheltered zone with partners.

5. Weapon and Balance

New Weapon – M82B

  • Harm Ratio: 150
  • Least Damage: 120
  • Magazine Capacity: 5
  • Compelling Range: 60 to 90m
  • Development Speed: 90%
  • Reinforcement Penetration: 30%


  • Harm to the body: +40%
  • Pace of Fire: +7%
  • Reinforcement Penetration: +10%


  • Harm to the body: +50%
  • Reinforcement Penetration: +30%


  • Compelling Range: – 15%
  • Least Damage: – 2


  • Harm Ratio: Increased from 50 to 58
  • Least Damage: Increased from 20 to 30


  • SR munitions: Adjusted from 30 to 20 for every stack
  • SG munitions: Adjusted from 30 to 20 for every stack

6. Aptitudes

  • Dynamic Skill Exchange – Players will presently have the option to prepare the dynamic aptitudes of different characters as long as no other dynamic abilities are prepared. It very well may be found in the character menu
  • Aptitude Activation Indicators – Passive ability symbols will illuminate once they are empowered. It is accessible in all modes.

7. New Character – Wolfrahh

Wolfrahh is another male character that will be accessible in the Free Fire Store. He is a computer game decoration who accompanies a capacity to diminish the harm taken from headshots by up to 25% with each additional watcher. What’s more, he can likewise expand the harm to the foe’s appendages by up to 25%.

8. New Pet – Falco

Falco is another pet that will be added to the Free Fire Store. It speeds up upon skydive and plunging speed after the parachute opens. This works for the whole group.

9. Game Modes

The Bomb Squad goals have been refreshed, though the weapon presets have been supplanted with a store that is like Clash Squad.

  • Another arsenal framework has been added for players to purchase weapons.
  • The nature of bombsite symbols has been improved.
  • A round outline has been included toward the finish of each round.
  • When the bomb is planted, the site area of the bomb will be uncovered.

10. Preparing Grounds

  • New territories and things have been included
  • The shooting range and the training zone have been isolated.
  • New vehicles have been added to the preparation ground.
  • Gloo dividers have been included into the ordnance.
  • M82B has been included into the ordnance.

11. Different Optimizations

  • Act out Slots have been expanded from 6 to 8.
  • Organization System – Guild pioneers and officials are getting new authoritative forces for simpler time the executives and developing their realm.
  • UI for the in-game letter box has been enhanced.
  • A setting is accessible to assist players with blocking party solicitations from non-companions.
  • Unique outward appearances have been included for Kelly “The Swift”.
  • The Emote Equipping component has been enhanced.
  • Beginner rewards have been balanced.
  • The Armor show on players’ HUD has been enhanced.
  • A 30 seconds warm-up period has been included for all the Close Combat modes.

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