OLED panels for iPhone 13 are being produced again by BOE ahead of iPhone 14 production


The Chinese display manufacturer BOE is expecting Apple to test its OLED panels for the forthcoming iPhone 14 series, so this week will be crucial. If all goes well, it is possible that mass production might begin soon.

The BOE is in a different position than it was a few weeks ago, according to The Elec’s report, because Apple had paused the iPhone 13’s OLED panel manufacturing with the Chinese manufacturer because it changed the circuit width of the thin film transistors on the OLED screens.

The Chinese display panel manufacturer is now seeking to gain approval from Apple to begin mass production of the panels aimed at the standard model, one of the four variations of the iPhone 14 series. These panels are expected to be released later this year. If everything goes according to plan, BOE is planning to start mass production sometime between July and August.

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According to the Elec, Samsung Display and LG Display are scheduled to begin mass production of the iPhone 14 OLED panels before the end of the year. BOE is a few weeks behind its South Korean competitors.

Afterwards, “executives of the Chinese manufacturer went Cupertino to explain the situation to Apple and get approval for OLED panels geared at iPhone 14,” according to AppleInsider. The publishing sources estimate that BOE will produce at most 5 million devices, considering its recent problems with the iPhone 13’s panels.

Apple is likely to unveil four new iPhone models for the forthcoming iPhone 14. The Plus/Max model is expected to take the place of the small model, according to the company. As with the ordinary models, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have a hole-punch and pill design cutout instead.

In addition, the A16 chip will only be found in the Pro versions; the A15 chip will be found in the ordinary versions. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently predicted that the front-facing camera on the new iPhone would be the most significant update in years.

You should expect more information regarding the iPhone 14 as we get closer to September, as we’ll bring you anything that we can find.

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