Owners of iPhone 14 Pro complain about the camera shaking in third party applications


According to users who have experienced this issue, the iPhone 14 Pro from Apple is creating shaky, fuzzy video while capturing video in third-party apps.

The iPhone 14 Pro has received a variety of camera improvements from Apple, including a 48-megapixel sensor and an Action Mode to produce fluid video. However, it appears that the new hardware is giving third-party camera software problems.

Many users have found that when using apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, the camera module shakes. The problem, which was initially noticed in a report, is preventing video taken with the apps’ camera from being published because of the persistent jerky movement.

According to social media posts, including those on Reddit, there are several twitches, which are thought to be the optical image stabilization (OIS) system shaking. Apple’s second-generation Sensor Shift OIS, which physically shifts the sensor, is present in the 48MP main camera of the iPhone 14 Pro, while the other employs a more traditional and older OIS system.

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When using the camera functionalities of the third-party app, some customers assert that they can see and hear the shaking and mechanical movement. One video illustrating the problem shows the iPhone making a grinding noise while very slightly moving.

While the issue appears with third-party programs, it doesn’t seem to happen while using the built-in iOS 16 default camera app. This can be a sign that the apps’ interaction and communication with the camera module need to be improved because of a software issue.

It’s also conceivable that Apple will release an iOS 16 update that fixes the glitch. What Apple will do in reaction to this phenomenon is yet unknown.

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