Panel shipments for the iPhone 14 Max and Pro Max are behind schedule, an insider says


Supply chain insiders indicate that the iPhone 14 Max and Pro Max panel shipments are a month behind their regular-sized counterparts, but that there is no reason to fear a delayed launch yet.

According to Ross Young on Twitter, the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro panel shipments appear to be a month behind schedule. The larger models’ panel shipments begin in July, but the smaller models’ panel shipments begin in June. At this point, we don’t expect any delays in the product’s release.

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Although the iPhone 14 release date has been pushed back to September, as Young points out, the delay is not expected to have any effect on that date. However, these and other stories could indicate that Apple’s next best iPhone would be more difficult to obtain at launch, particularly in its larger size.

Ming-Chi Kuo revealed production problems with the iPhone 14 Max in May, showing a similar issue. Now, it appears that the problems will affect all of the larger iPhones that will be available when they go on sale.

The “mini” iPhone is expected to be phased out in favor of a new “Max” version of the ordinary iPhone, with the usual “Pro” lineup. Besides the 48MP camera, other rumours suggest that the Pro may ditch the notched design in favor of a new hole-punch camera.

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