Parkinson’s disease tracker that runs on Apple Watch has been approved by the FDA


The developer of a technology that enables users to monitor their Parkinson’s disease symptoms using their Apple Watch after receiving authorization from the Food and Drug Administration made the announcement today. It monitors things like tremors automatically and gives patients the ability to report symptoms as well as medication consumption.

The program, dubbed StrivePD by neurology firm Rune Labs, was developed by the latter. Tracking the progress of patients with a neurological condition that causes uncontrollable movements and problems with coordination is made possible by this system. Patients don’t have to worry about remembering these fluctuations thanks to passive data collection. Data on how Parkinson’s disease patients respond to various treatments can also be found in this database.

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“We will ensure that the correct individuals participate in studies using all of the data we will collect and the patients we will reach with this clearance,” Brian Pepin, CEO and founder of Rune Labs, said in a statement. He asserted that this would speed up clinical testing and, as a result, the availability of new medications.

Patients have been using the app for nearly a year, but the FDA approval means that clinicians can bill patients when evaluating data from the watch and that the findings can be utilised as clinical trial data on various Parkinson’s disease treatments, according to Stat News.

As of 2018, StrivePD makes use of Apple’s Movement Disorder API, which enables researchers to access data on Parkinson’s disease-related tremors and involuntary movements. The movement disorder API is also being used by other companies to provide similar information to people with Parkinson’s disease.

A spokesperson for Rune Labs, Elizabeth Eaton, told The Verge that Apple is not officially participating in the project, but the company did upgrade its software to meet FDA regulations and issued a letter of support as part of Rune Labs’ FDA application. Apple has also conducted its own research on the Apple Watch and Parkinson’s illness. Apple researchers presented data in 2021 indicating that the watch could accurately detect changes in Parkinson’s disease patients’ motor symptoms.

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