People on TikTok are going pew pew over this iPhone texting hack


For those who own an iPhone, new features and tricks are bound to amaze them from time to time. This week, a TikToker revealed a texting trick, and social media users are freaking out about it. “A pointless iPhone hack” was allegedly discovered by Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing, who texted “pew pew” and received an unexpected response on his iPhone screen, as reported by Ladbible. The hack was demonstrated by Laing in a video he posted on YouTube. “Look what happened! Look at this!” he exclaimed. While saying the phrase out loud, he typed it into his phone. “You ready?” he inquired. send. ” “I know, what?” exclaimed the TikToker after seeing the message bubble light up with a flurry of brightly colored lasers as soon as it was sent. This trick, however, only works for iPhone users.

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