Podcasters are being encouraged to offer subscriptions with new features in Apple Podcasts


When it comes to the number of listeners a podcast had, before today, Apple didn’t show that information to podcast producers, even though the Apple Podcasts Connect page has been showing that information for the past few months. For this reason, Spotify’s Connect page statistics do not accurately reflect how many people are actually listening to podcasts.

Next month, podcasters can see how many listeners they have for each episode and compare that to how many listeners they have for all of their shows in the Analytics tab. They can quickly see how many new followers a show has gained in the last week, month, 60 days, and over the course of its entire run once they’ve selected it.

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Starting next month, Apple Podcasts Connect will give all creators access to follower metrics. An interactive graph of followers over time and the number of followers gained or lost on a specific day or within a specified range can be found by going to the Trends menu.

Encourage your listeners to subscribe to your show on Apple Podcasts so that you can gain access to a better podcasting experience for your audience.

Apple Podcasts now accepts MP3 files as well as high-quality WAV and FLAC files for subscriber audio. To further enhance the user experience, creators have the option to customise their subscription banner on their show.

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