Police were able to rescue a swimmer trapped in a river by using an Apple Watch emergency call


A swimmer in the United States who was struggling to stay afloat in a swift-moving river was saved by the authorities the week before last after she sent out a distress signal using her Apple Watch.

Using the side buttons of an Apple Watch, users can make phone calls. Until three sliders appear, users must press and hold them. One of them can be used to call for help in an emergency. When the call is over, the watch sends the user’s position to their emergency contact list so they can find them.

When the swimmer’s foot became lodged in the rocky bottom of the Columbia River at The Dalles, Oregon, he was rescued by rescuers. 30 minutes later, she appeared to be suffering from hypothermia when first responders arrived.

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There was a first attempt by the fire department to free her from the rocks by providing her with a ladder and moving the boulders. It was only when their efforts failed that a police officer decided to jump into the ocean and save her life.

Police in Dalles City, Oregon, said in a Facebook post that Officer Reams assessed the scene and determined that the swimmer needed to be rescued immediately and that he could only assist in the rescue by entering the water to feel how the entrapment was occurring because the water was too murky and fast to allow any visible inspection from above.

To save the swimmer’s life, a police officer freed the swimmer’s foot and brought her to the shore.

Police in the city of Dalles, Oregon, urged swimmers to stay out of the water alone. As they continued, they said, “local waterways remain chilly, and rivers continue to fun rapidly.”

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