Possibility that Apple Watch Series 8 can detect fever through its temperature sensor


The reported temperature sensor in the Apple Watch Series 8 may be able to tell if the wearer is suffering from a fever as part of its enhanced fitness tracking features.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is largely expected to incorporate a body temperature sensor as part of its annual update, which is expected to arrive late in 2022. According to a Sunday article, the sensor may be able to tell if a user is suffering from a fever based on its readings.

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As reported by Mark Gurman’s “Power On” weekly for Bloomberg, the regular model of the Apple Watch Series 8 will include the feature and an improved tough edition. As an updated Apple Watch SE is unlikely to contain temperature measurements, not all models will benefit.

Assuming your model has this capability, Gurman says it won’t be able to give you an exact reading but should be able to inform you “whether it suspects you have a fever.” If the user has a fever, the Apple Watch might suggest that they use a special thermometer or call their doctor, just like existing detection systems.

Gurman reiterates that it will have the same effective computing capability as the Apple Watch Series 6 outside of the temperature sensor, albeit it appears that some models may have improved screens in the near future.

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