Possibly a 2-inch display will be included in the Apple Watch Extreme Sports Edition


When the Apple Watch Series 8 launches later this year, there will reportedly be three unique models to choose from. According to the latest rumors, a new Apple Watch model called the “Extreme Sports” is on the way. The claimed Apple Watch with an “extreme sports” edition is reported to have a larger battery, a robust metal casing, and the company’s largest wristwatch display to date.

As previously reported, the new Apple Watch Series 8 will contain a fever detection feature, with the option to recommend that the user contact a doctor or use a special thermometer.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gunman, Apple plans to offer an “extreme sports” version of the Apple Watch this year. There are rumors that the upcoming smartwatch will have a larger battery, a sturdy metal frame, and the largest wearable display yet.

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According to a number of rumors, an almost 2-inch diagonal screen display is expected for the Apple Watch’s powerful sports model. As expected, the 1.9-inch diagonal screen of the standard Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to be the same as that of the Series 7. The ‘Extreme Sports’ version of the Apple Watch’s display is also said to have a resolution of 410 x 502 pixels, with the same overall clarity as the current models.

This “extreme sports” watch is rumored to be composed of metal rather than aluminum, rather than aluminum. According to reports, larger batteries allow athletes to track their workouts for longer periods of time. The Apple Watch ‘extreme sports’ models are expected to feature the same capacity to measure body temperature as the regular Apple Watch Series 8 model in the future. It was previously speculated that the three new Apple Watch models would include a S8 processor with attributes equal to the S7. It is believed that the Series 9 Apple Watches will feature a new processor in 2023.

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