Production delays for Apple iPhone 14 due to Chinese lockdowns


Nikkei Asia reports that Apple suppliers in China are behind schedule on the creation of an Apple iPhone 14-series gadget because of the ongoing COVID lockdown.

To fulfil production targets, Apple has allegedly pressed component suppliers to speed up their work, according to unidentified sources.

Two of Apple’s primary suppliers for the iPhone 14 series are Foxconn and Pegatron, according to reports. A rumour has it that two of the four iPhone 14 series devices have been ordered by Luxshare Precision. These manufacturers are being hurt by the delays in manufacturing reopenings in China, particularly around Shanghai, owing to COVID lockdowns.

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According to the insiders, the technology corporation was taken aback when harsh confinement limits were implemented in response to a scattering of verified incidents around the country, which was then followed by monthlong lockdowns in Apple’s most important electronics clusters.

According to those who have been briefed on the matter, the four new phones are now in the engineering verification test (EVT) phase of development. To get a better idea of production costs, suppliers build mechanical parts and manufacturing processes for the new iPhones, as well as prepare bills of materials (BOM).

Apple anticipates ramping up production in September. The Cupertino, California-based tech giant has urged its Chinese suppliers to speed up development in order to match the company’s scheduled launch date.

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