Prototype Apple-1 Computer belonging to Steve Jobs is going up for auction


The highest bidder will get a piece of Apple Inc.’s illustrious history in Silicon Valley’s early days. RR Auction in Boston is auctioning off Steve Jobs’s Apple-1 computer prototype, which now has bids of $278,005. August 18 is the deadline for submitting bids. RR Auction sold the Apple-1 computer for $375,000 in September 2018.

In 1976, the Apple co-founder demonstrated the Apple-1 to Paul Terrell, the proprietor of a personal computer store, using the prototype, which was thought to be “lost” until relatively recently. According to the item description on the website of RR Auction, Jobs and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak had the idea of selling the Apple-1 computer as a do-it-yourself kit for the price of $40 at one point in the company’s history. Terrell acted as the company’s first major customer and was successful in persuading the entrepreneurs to sell the product as a pre-assembled personal computer priced at $666.66 each.

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According to RR Auction’s senior vice president, Bobby Livingston, “There is no Apple-1 without this board—it’s the holy grail of Steve Jobs and Apple artefacts.”

In addition to Wozniak’s, the device passed through these hands: It appears that Wozniak used a unique “Apple Computer A” circuit board for the prototype, according to the auction house description. According to Wozniak’s “three-handed approach,” he used a wire in his dominant hand, a soldering iron in his second, and solder with his mouth to assemble the prototype.

Terrell took Polaroid images of the prototype in 1976, which were matched to the circuit board. Expert Corey Cohen authenticated the prototype in 2022, and he also authored an accompanying 13-page report about the findings.

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