PUBG Mobile New Map Livik dispatch on July 7


We at long last have a date for when the totally different Livik map is coming to PUBG Mobile! PUBG Mobile has quite recently reported the official dispatch date for the following large update that is coming in and it’s planned for July 7.

Like it has been with the entirety of the more established updates, the ebb and flow progressing Season 13 will run for one more week post the rollout of the 0.19.0 update on July 7. The new update will accompany some in-game changes and furthermore the steady form of the Livik map. As of now, Livik is in beta as ‘Mystery Map’.

The official name of the guide was affirmed only a couple of days prior and on the off chance that you would prefer not to hold up till July 7, you can download the most recent beta and attempt it. Yet, since it is the beta variant, you will experience bugs. July 7 is only a couple of days away, so we propose you pause.

The new Livik map is by all accounts a cross between the current guides that exist. There’s snow on the upper right of the guide and a desert on the base left corner and the rest is fields and trees. There was talk doing the rounds for some time that the ‘Mystery Map’ would be called Fourex since it incorporates portions of the various four guides. This gossip was subdued by PUBG Mobile reporting the official name.

Livik isn’t as large as Erangel or Miramar so it could be a 2X2 km map. This additionally implies the new guide may be the littlest there is in the Classic mode.

The new update accompanies upgrades made to the geography and the houses and structures. The new guide incorporates vehicles like motorbikes, UAZ, cart and so on. There is additionally another beast truck that can roll over anything. The guide likewise has cascades.

Other than these highlights, the guide will likewise accompany plunder cartons set over the zone and are stacked with completely kitted weapons that accompany scopes, expanded mag and foregrips. The new update may likewise add some new weapons to the munititions stockpile including another shotgun called SPAS 12 and another DMR called MK12.


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