Public health blueprint needed for new capital


Analyst who finished his Masters of Science in Environmental-Public Health at the University of Queensland

Indonesia will have another capital, as indicated by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo, to involve the rules of North Penajam Paser (PPU) and Kutai Kartanegara (Kukar) in East Kalimantan. The new capital city ought to be the panacea to issues of Jakarta, the present capital, including the general wellbeing segment.

The yearly timberland fires as in the earlier days is accused for uncovering individuals, particularly the youthful, to intense respiratory disease (ISPA). In East Kalimantan alone specialists revealed just about 7,700 hotspots from mid 2018 to 2019.

Sadly, those general medical issues are compounded by absence of mindfulness and general wellbeing HR and offices, including dynamic network wellbeing focuses both in Kukar and Paser rules.

Absence of working seepage frameworks in the rules posture further sterile issues. Every one of these issues just show some portion of the Health Ministry’s heap of schoolwork in participation with different services and foundations. At any rate needs would avoid intense respiratory disease, dengue fever and sanitation for the new capital.

More pulmonologists particularly in the territories inclined to woodland flames are required. Paramedics ought to be furnished with a tremendous inventory of oxygen canisters and other hardware.

The Health Ministry ought to likewise team up with the Forestry and Environment Ministry and common debacle office for trading data on the event of woods flames to empower quick conveyance of human services.

While moving to East Kalimantan in reality may enable us to maintain a strategic distance from the risk of seismic tremors in Java, another danger to be considered is transmittable ailments. First is dengue fever. Figures discharged in 2017 uncovered an expanding pattern of dengue fever in East Kalimantan. In 2015 the quantity of 7,305 cases bounced to 10,878 out of 2016, however the figure could be cut down essentially to 1,734 of every 2017. In addition Kukar positioned third in dengue cases in the

area with 264 cases, trailed by just 12 cases in PPU.

Another general wellbeing risk is tuberculosis (TB). There was an enduring development of new TB cases at the region level, expanding from 2014 with 1,953 cases to its top in 2017 with 2,635 cases. At the regime level, TB in Kukar arrived at 475 cases with 103 in PPU. Lamentably, at the area level the achievement pace of TB destruction continued diminishing from more than 96 percent in 2013 to practically 74.65 percent in 2017.

The new capital will likewise likely confront comparative general medical issues like Jakarta.

For instance, the quantity of bogs around the new city could give reproducing ground to intestinal sickness. Henceforth, in setting up the general wellbeing plan, the Health Mnistry would need to put more accentuation on ecological sickness issues. Among others it should build the limit and number of mosquito reconnaissance staff.

There is just five years time as per the arrangement to move the capital. In this way accelerating framework, for example, for sanitation and water supply access would absolutely be among earnest undertakings.

In the Kukar and PPU rules, arrangement of wellbeing administrations and drug ought to likewise counsel neighborhood learning among occupants.

At the point when Jakarta is chosen as a capital city, at first named Batavia, it was at that point arranged and created by the Dutch provincial government. Be that as it may, presently we need to build up our new capital without any preparation. Moving the old city to the new capital ought to convey arrangements as opposed to moving issues.


Instructor at Faculty of Public Health at the University of Indonesia (UI). The above perspectives are close to home.


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