Reddit user creates an Apple Watch charging station inspired by the Nintendo Switch


A Reddit user has come up with an adorable yet accurate Apple Watch charging dock based on Nintendo’s Switch console.

Redditor u/SPACE-DRAGON772 shared a video of the charger in action, which was first spotted by Creative Bloq. r/3Dprinting was the site where the user 3D printed and posted the original design.

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The dock has a straightforward appearance. There is a hole in the back of the dock where you can insert the USB charger for the Apple Watch. The cord is then securely fastened in place. It can then be inserted into the slot, where an opening will show charge progress, time, and whatever is on the face.

The user has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback since publishing the video. u/SPACE-DRAGON772 shared the 3D printing template after a flood of Reddit users and TikTok users expressed interest in purchasing the model.

Other Redditors have made the joke that the user will receive a cease and desist letter soon. Both Apple and Nintendo are fiercely protective of their products and intellectual property, regardless of the jokes. As a precautionary measure, you might want to turn on your 3D printer and start printing just in case.

This is yet another illustration of how two disparate brands can come together to create something new and interesting in the world of technology. While the Apple Watch and Nintendo Switch don’t naturally go together, Space-DRAGON772 came up with a unique idea, and it’s starting to get some attention.

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