Requirement For Speed Heat Update 1.07 Patch Notes For PS4, Xbox

Another Need for Speed Heat update is discharging today, June 9, on PS4, Xbox One and PC.This most recent update for the game is 1.10 GB on PC, 7.16 GB on PS4 and 6.90 GB on Xbox One, so clear some room on that HDD on the off chance that you have to.

The download for this most recent update is going live toward the beginning of today for all stages and brings a not insignificant rundown of changes alongside missing vanity things for 100%ing the game.The engineers have likewise guarantees that players should experience the games DR1005 blunder code essentially less.

“We’re additionally excited to declare that cross-play is coming to Need for Speed Heat, permitting you to journey Palm City with your companions, paying little heed to stage,” the Need for Speed group reported in another blog entry.

This most recent update to the game will likewise be the last, with the blog entry affirming that work at EA’s Criterion Games studio is currently in progress on the following game in the arrangement.

“As you’ll know we have genuine history with dashing and with Need for Speed,” Matt Webster, General Manager of Criterion Games told fans. “We’re centered around bringing Criterion’s one of a kind perspective, unrivaled game feel, and great advancements that will diagram another future for this brilliant arrangement of games.”

The new update is set to go live first on Xbox One at 8am BST in the United Kingdom, trailed by PS4 at 9am BST and on PC (Origin/Steam) at 10am BST.

For players in North America that implies these updates ought to show up at 3am, 4am and 5am EST for those on the East Coast and 12am, 1am and 2am PST for those on the West coast. Those on CET (Central European Time) should see the updates show up at 9am, 10am and 11am at the beginning of today.

Continue perusing to investigate the game’s most recent, and last, fix notes.

Requirement for Speed Heat Patch Notes 1.07


Included Cross-play usefulness over all stages.

When you’ve introduced the June update, you will be incited with the alternative to initiate cross-play, which you can later discover in the protection settings in the game menu. Picking in will permit you to race players across PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on a similar server.

You can look for companions in the Find Players menu. Head over to the Party Menu and check the new EA Friends tab to see who’s online over all stages. So as to make a gathering and welcome them to your game, they normally need to select in for cross-play also.

In the game, you will see symbols close to players’ names, showing which stage they’re playing on, and you can utilize the closeness voice visit to converse with them.

General Fixes

  • Improved cop vehicle rationale to diminish events where cop vehicles essentially decreased player vehicle wellbeing in one hit.
  • A few cops would carry on detached while in an interest and not perform moves to stop your vehicle. They should now be increasingly roused to bring you down insofar as they’re effectively seeking after you. This is no general buff or nerf of the cops, it simply influenced a little level of cop vehicles that were seeking after, however not locks in.
  • We fixed an issue where a few prizes didn’t trigger effectively when hitting 100% of collectables. You should now get the vanity things Rainbow Nitrous, Black Tire Smoke and the “In case you’re cheerful and you know it” horn.
  • Made a couple of changes so you should experience mistake DR1005 less frequently.
  • So also, the likelihood of stock synchronization blunders has been essentially diminished.


  • When hurrying through the passage in Mendoza Keys, you should no longer experience strong dividers flying in.
  • Fixed an issue that could make vegetation show up on streets when picking low and medium realistic settings and utilizing a particular video card.
  • The ‘Racer Challenges’ in the carport should never again be shown in the wake of arriving at Rep level 50.
  • The ‘Adversary Crews’ menu is not, at this point obvious in the principle menu when you boot the game while disconnected.
  • Fixed an issue where a period preliminary wouldn’t show any apparition vehicle when you began it.
  • Subsequent to heading to a period preliminary beginning stage, taking a gander at the leaderboard board should never again be clear.
  • A particular beanie was just noticeable from short proximity, presently it can likewise be seen from a far distance.


  • Cops will presently allude to the McLaren P1 GTR accurately in cop babble.


  • Adjusted train cart crash models in Fort Callahan to forestall your vehicle getting stuck under them.
  • We investigated a couple of spots where cop vehicles could drive on the base of the sea or riverbed. Their vehicles should now get destroyed as proposed, and keeping in mind that they’re occupied with their own vehicles, they should never again be busting you.


  • Included a sound framework communication point for the Aston Martin Vulcan ’16.
  • All hues should now be shown accurately when utilizing explicit paints on the Chevrolet Camaro Z28.
  • Decal cooperation focuses for the Lamborghini Aventador S ’18 and the Roadster variation presently fill in as expected.
  • The second arrangement of stock edges presently is lined up with the feels sick of the Land Rover Defender 110 ’15.
  • Included a sound framework collaboration point for the Land Rover Defender 110 ’15.
  • When utilizing the wide Porsche back bumper on the Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 2.8, reseller’s exchange tail light colors should now be shown accurately.
  • The Alchemist back guard for the Ford Mustang ’65 is currently shown effectively.
  • Decals applied to the Varis front guard of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX ’07 will no longer disappear while quickening.
  • You would now be able to buy the stock spoiler for the Nissan 180SX starter vehicle.
  • The model of the Porsche Cayman GT4 2015 currently has the spoiler prepared that is shown in the vendor symbol.
  • Included missing sound framework association point to the Volkswagen Golf GTI ’76.
  • Included missing sound framework association point to the Volkswagen Beetle ’63.


  • The AI drivers would follow fascinating courses with regards to a bunch of races. We investigated and they should now adhere to the dashing line.
  • Fixed an issue that could happen when you restarted a period preliminary in the wake of completing it just because and beating the phantom’s time. The UI could act in a manner that would show the phantom from the first run through preliminary run, while you were really going up against the following best time. That could prompt circumstances where you thought you beat the rival, however you additionally didn’t. This should not happen anymore, and the phantom that you see is the one your time will be estimated against.
  • While finishing the ‘Picknick’ opportunity preliminary and coming in second, you should now get the right measure of Bank.
  • You should now have the option to restart the ‘Transfer’ strategic planned.

We likewise improved by and large security and fixed uncommon occurrences where the game would crash or hang.

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