Rumors indicate that the iPhone 14 will have a price increase, but with good reasons


Apple may finally be taking its selfie cameras seriously with the release of the iPhone 14, but the price may be too high for some shoppers.

A recent revelation on Apple’s supply chain focuses on the camera modules the company is supposed to be employing for the selfie camera on the front, according to the Korean news site ET News.

An extensive amount of research can be done in this area. Apparently, LG, which was supposed to make front-facing cameras for the iPhone 15 series, has taken the place of the manufacturer that Apple was initially going to engage for these components. While doing so, Apple has reclassified the camera as a “high-end” component, upping its prior characterization of it as a “low-end” one.

In terms of the camera’s performance, it’s not obvious what LG’s leadership will bring. Perhaps the sensor will have a greater resolution, or perhaps the lens will be improved. For reasons that will be explained, this is nearly certainly a significant improvement.

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All of this is wonderful news for anyone who likes to take selfies, because it shows that Apple is paying greater attention to the front camera and is incorporating components from future iPhones into the iPhone 14. It’s also been said these components mean front-facing cameras can feature autofocus, which Apple’s selfie cameras have not previously supported.

This is something that we can get behind, as iPhones have not always been the best devices for taking selfies. On the other hand, it seems as though there is a catch.

According to a report by ET News, the front-facing camera modules that are now going to be used in the iPhone 14 cost about three times more than the equivalent parts that were used in the iPhone 13. This is a cost that will likely be passed on to customers, which means that the mobile phone could be a bit more expensive than we anticipated.

We’ll have to wait until the iPhone 14’s introduction (expected in mid-September) to find out if the phone does, in fact, get a significant update to its selfie camera, and if that’s reflected in the pricing.

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