Rumors of multiple OLED iPads from Apple backed up by supply chain


New evidence reveals that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with an OLED display that has been the subject of the majority of prior speculations will not be the only one that Apple releases with such a display.

Apple plans to employ OLED screens in all of its iPads in the future because they are more vibrant and last longer. However, the transfer will be difficult as the OLED iPad Air is said to be abandoned until 2022.

This was owing to concerns with supply and technology, but it’s also been speculated that Apple doesn’t want to hinder sales of the iPad Pro by introducing OLED to the iPad Air at this point.

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As The Elec reported earlier this month, citing sources, Samsung Display and Ulvac are haggling over critical technology processes needed by Samsung to produce the panels. Furthermore, it relates particularly and directly to OLED iPad 2 production at Apple.

According to the reports, Ulvac and Samsung Display have apparently been working together on the creation of a Gen 8.5 substrate deposition machine (2200×2500 mm) for some time. It would mean that Samsung Display would be able to produce larger panels than it does now.

That’s both more cost-effective and would allow Samsung to produce tablet and PC-sized OLED displays as well as smartphone ones. The Elec predicts that Samsung will be able to mass-produce Gen 8.5 OLED panels by the end of 2024 if its negotiations with the company go as planned in the following month.

Historically, the Elec has been an excellent source for information on the supply chain. In contrast, the judgments it draws about Apple’s product intentions have a much lower quality.

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