Rumors suggest Apple will reduce smartphone production of the iPhone SE


Apple’s iPhone SE 2022 is Apple’s newest and most affordable smartphone, but because of a lack of demand, Apple is reportedly planning to reduce production of the iPhone SE (via Reuters). There are rumours that Apple will produce 20 percent fewer iPhone SEs than expected in the next quarter, according to Nikkei Asia’s sources. As a result of this change, approximately 3 million fewer iPhone SEs may be produced than expected by Apple.

Low demand for the new iPhone SE is being blamed on the conflict in Ukraine and inflation around the world, say Nikkei Asia’s sources.

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However, analysts’ previous sales projections predicted that Apple would sell 30 million iPhone SE units this year alone. One of the most respected analysts in the industry, Ming-Chi Kuo, tweeted that his shipment estimate for the year had been reduced from 25–30 million sold units to 15-20 million. What could be causing the decline in interest in the iPhone SE 2022?

Another possibility is that the new model isn’t much of an improvement over the previous one. Yes, the A15 processor found in the iPhone SE 2022, which is the same as that found in the iPhone 13 series, is a significant upgrade. The iPhone SE 2022, unlike the previous model, will be able to use 5G. Apart from that, there are a few changes that will persuade Apple customers to buy their latest budget smartphone.

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