Rumours say Apple is set to launch USB-C on the iPhone 15 in 2023


It has been revealed by a trustworthy source that the iPhone 15 will ditch the Lightning port in favour of the USB-C port.

In a tweet, Ming-Chi Kuo said: I’ve conducted a fresh study and it appears that the 2H23 new iPhone will ditch the Lightning port in favour of the USB-C connector. Apple has yet to make a decision on whether or not to support USB-C, which could boost iPhone transfer and charging speeds in hardware designs.

When Apple releases the iPhone 15 in 2023, Kuo believes the company will “abandon the Lightning port and convert to the USB-C port”. Kuo claims that this will increase data transfer and charging speeds, “although the final spec specifics still depend on iOS support.”

Current USB-C suppliers, according to Kuo, would benefit in the next two years “due to massive orders from iPhones and accessories’ adoption of USB-C ports.”

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It was assumed that Apple’s USB-C iPhone would be a pipe dream as its best iPhone, the iPhone 13, remained Lightning-only despite the company’s adoption of USB-C in all other devices, including its best iPads.

If Kuo is correct, this might be the most significant change to the iPhone since the launch of Lightning, and it might also bring an end to the agony of having to carry around several chargers because of the various standards.

The EU is also intending to mandate USB-C charging across all devices, including mobile phones, in the near future. However, it was previously considered that this would be irrelevant to Apple, given the corporation chose a portless iPhone over USB-C.

According to Kuo’s estimate, the 2023 iPhone will be the last to use Lightning, which means that the iPhone 14 will be the final model to use it.

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