Samsung might be working on a revamped iPhone battery


A new report claims that Samsung SDI is investing in EV technology to make batteries for consumer products like smartphones, which could lead to future improvements to the iPhone’s battery.

According to The Elec, it is expected that battery maker Samsung SDI will use the same stacking method it currently uses to make electric vehicle batteries in its smartphone battery manufacturing process as well.

The stacking method involves layering battery materials together, and Samsung SDI is currently employing this technique in the production of Gen 5 electric vehicle batteries.

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In contrast to rolling batteries, this procedure allows for a higher energy density to be achieved. Samsung is now working to apply this same technology to smartphones and tablets, using this same method to manufacture batteries for smartphones and tablets, the company says. South Korea will be the first plant to get the new line, which could be a huge improvement over the current winding method for cylinder batteries, which, as The Elec points out, makes it impossible to fully utilise the internal space of the battery and causes it to swell.

By using the stacking method, the South Korean battery manufacturer will be able to increase energy density by more than ten percent. An additional piece of equipment, such as notching, is required for stacking.

Samsung SDI’s move could also be motivated by a desire to reclaim business from Apple, a major competitor of Samsung Electronics, the company’s primary customer.

According to the report, if Apple did request that Samsung use the new technology in production, it would enable Apple to make smartphones that are lighter and have greater battery life. When it was released last year, Apple’s best iPhone, the iPhone 13, provided a significant improvement in battery life over the iPhone 12.

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