Samsung’s Fold 3 technology could help in the development of a foldable iPhone


New reports claim that Apple is working on an OLED display similar to the one seen in the Galaxy Z Fold 3 that is more suited to folding devices, opening the door to a foldable iPhone, iPad, or even a Mac.

According to The Elec’s sources, Apple has developed an OLED screen that does not utilize a polarizer.

Foldable panels would benefit from being thinner due to the removal of the panel’s polarizer. This was predicted by industry insiders.

According to the study, the polarizer increases a display’s visibility while reducing its brightness. Most phone manufacturers try to compensate for this by increasing the brightness, but this has an adverse effect on the display’s lifespan. Samsung Display’s OLED display is used in the Galaxy Z Fold 3 by Samsung Electronics. In the event that Apple develops its own version of the technology, a folding iPhone in the near future may become a reality.

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Apple is reportedly investigating adding a foldable handset to its iPhone lineup, but the invention appears to be some years away, so don’t expect a foldable iPhone 14 this year or even next year.

According to reports Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is testing a 9-inch foldable gadget that won’t be ready until 2025, which may be an iPad or a hybrid tablet and smartphone. According to Jon Prosser, Apple has decided on a folding device similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip range, which has clamshell folding.

Apple may even be developing a laptop without a keyboard and instead using a foldable display.

The company is likely to launch a new iPhone later this year that would ditch the “mini” iPhone form factor in favor of a larger “Max” model sans Pro capabilities like a new processor or 120Hz display.

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