“Season 7 Hard Knocks” advertisement highlights Apple Watch series 7’s toughness


Apple has now published a new advertisement for the Apple Watch Series 7 in which the company focuses on the device’s resilience in a variety of different situations.

There are several scenarios in the ad, called “Hard Knocks,” when Apple Watches are exposed to various weather conditions, liquids, and physical impacts, all either intentionally or unintentionally.

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There are several stories of people getting hurt or even dying after falling from a great height into water, such as someone diving into a swimming pool, getting their wrist trapped in an open bus door, or even while ice skating.

The commercial runs for one minute and 38 seconds and incorporates music by Jack White titled “Power of My Love.” The tagline of the commercial says, “The most durable Apple Watch ever.”

An Apple Watch “with a tough case” designed for sports, hikers, and others who use the watch in more extreme situations than everyday wear is being developed by Apple, according to Bloomberg’s sources. It will have the same features as a conventional Apple Watch, but it will be more durable and resistant to falls. In 2022, Apple is slated to release a ruggedized version of the Apple Watch.

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