Several regions may lose the ‘crucial’ iPhone 14 slot to the next generation


The fact that the iPhone was one of the first devices to enable eSIM is significant. With the release of the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max, Apple first enabled eSIM functionality. There have been no new iPhones released since then that don’t have both an eSIM slot and support for a traditional SIM card. Most likely, Apple will get rid of this feature in some areas.

Reports from the Wall Street Journal claim that Apple plans to launch the iPhone 14 series with an eSIM-only model in some regions. According to the article, reports claim that Apple has already begun asking US carriers to prepare for an eSIM-only version of the future iPhone.

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Although it is not anticipated that the firm will launch eSIM-only variations in every region, this is most likely the company’s first step in moving in that direction.

Even though more people are using eSIM and most carriers around the world now support it, and this isn’t a sudden change, the question is still whether or not the world is ready to give up the physical SIM slot on their phones.

The eSIM offers a number of benefits to its customers. Because it takes up less interior space, the battery, additional camera modules, and improved cooling systems all benefit from the reduction in size of the smartphone.

In addition, eSIMs are less vulnerable to theft than traditional SIM cards. Telecom service providers can also send a security update to all devices at once, as well as remotely check for network vulnerabilities, thanks to the digital SIM.

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