Someone fitted an Android phone with an iPhone’s Lightning port


This is the first Lightning-equipped Samsung Galaxy A51 to come from the creators of “the world’s first USB-C iPhone,” and it’s likely the first Lightning-equipped Samsung Galaxy A51 ever.

An Android phone has been fitted with a lighting port by robotics engineer Ken Pillonel (via YouTube), but we only get a glimpse of the phone in his teaser video.

With the USB-C port replaced by a small Lightning connector, the phone appears to be more svelte than it was before. At one point, Pillonel appears to be charging an iPhone X with the lighting charger before switching to the Samsung Galaxy.

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Pillonel would have had to trick the connected cable into thinking that it was attaching to a piece of Apple hardware, rather than something developed by Samsung, because Lightning cables only work with Apple products.

When you consider that the new port doesn’t look out of place and sits flush with the phone, it will be interesting to see how this was accomplished by an engineer.

Although Pillonel says this experiment was just for fun and a reference to the ongoing debate over USB-C ports on Apple products and vice versa, he does not go into any further detail about this.

In addition to Pillonel’s warning that no one “in their right mind” should attempt this on their own device, we strongly advise against doing so at home.

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Check out the original YouTube video below to see how he put this new phone together in the teaser clip.


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