Sony Celebrating Two Year Of “Divine force of War”

Sony Celebrating Two Year Of "Divine force of War"

Sony is observing God of War’s second commemoration today, and keeping in mind that we hang tight for news on the God of War spin-off, there’s some new treats to purchase and additionally pine for.

On the off chance that you delighted in perusing Atreus’ diary as he rounded it out with portrayals of the difficulties and monsters that he experienced all through the game, you’ll need to look at the new God of War: Lore and Legends hardcover book. It reproduces Atreus’ diary as you saw it in the game, including a relating of the story, a bestiary, and character profiles, and it additionally develops the in-game diary with more notes composed from Atreus’ point of view. You can look at a see of a bunch on the diary’s pages on the official Dark Horse site.

On the off chance that you’d prefer to beautify your home with a token of probably the most frightening experiences in God of War, you can likewise look at the authority new banner for The Council of Valkyries. It shows Krato and Atreus ready to assault in the inside, encompassed by the frightening veiled types of the Valkyries – with their sovereign, Sigrun, remaining in judgment at the middle. The banner is an “open version”, which implies in the event that you pre-request it by May twentieth, you’re ensured a duplicate. No more duplicates of the banner will be made after pre-deals end.

Last up is a thing for the individuals who really need to show their affection for God of War in their home. Explicitly for Kratos’ huge, bare head. This life-size bust of Kratos is 25 inches tall and portrays the demi-god in incredible detail because of a blend of in-game resources and hand painting. Just 500 will be made, and they aren’t modest, however it is the best method to feel Kratos’ steely look on you consistently.

Ideally we’ll find out about where Kratos and Atreus are going next in time for God of War’s third commemoration – past the undeniable answer of “PS5.”

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