Speculation about Apple’s planned launch of a search engine reappears


According to Robert Scoble, Apple will launch a new user-centric web search engine comparable to Google’s, but it will not be ready until January 2023.

A Google competitor isn’t new, but the rumours aren’t often either. Now that Robert Scoble has been documenting everything he believes Apple is set to announce, from WWDC to next year, he has rekindled the search engine rumour.

In his Twitter thread, Scoble does not provide any additional information, but he did tell TechRadar Pro that he based this on interactions with sources and deductions.

Previously, Scoble predicted that Apple would introduce its virtual reality “base this” Apple Glass at WWDC 2022, along with a “new iPod.”

That allegation was also made on Twitter, but Scoble quickly followed it up with a tweet in which he attempted to retract all of his Apple assertions.

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“Do not believe anything I say about Apple,” he tweeted. “However, it has been thoroughly researched.”

If Apple were to replace Google’s service, there is precedent for it. To begin with, it didn’t do a good job of switching from Google Maps to its own Apple Maps.

Siri and Spotlight are already powered by Apple’s search engine. In other words, it doesn’t seem like a huge leap for Apple to turn Siri into a general-purpose search engine in the vein of Google.

Apple will probably lose a lot of money if it makes this universal search engine available to the public. The fact that Google anticipated having to pay Apple $15 billion by the year 2020 to maintain its position as the default search engine on iOS has been widely reported. That one deal, if accurate, was equal to 15% to 20% of Apple’s annual profits in 2020.

 Initially, it was thought that Google was paying this sum to keep its default search engine status from being taken over by Microsoft Bing.

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