Supplier of Apple displays may lose out on a large iPhone 14 order after being caught cutting corners, according to reports


It’s possible that Chinese display producer Beijing Oriental Electronics (BOE) could lose out on 30 million display orders for the future iPhone 14 since it has apparently tweaked the design of the iPhone 13’s display to enhance yield rate, or the creation of non-defective products (via 9to5Mac).

Apple hired BOE to make iPhone 13 displays in October, but the contract was short-lived since Apple allegedly spotted BOE adjusting the thickness of the iPhone 13’s display’s thin-film transistors without its knowledge earlier this month. If they thought Apple wouldn’t notice, they were wrong.

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As a result of this decision, Apple may also exclude BOE from the OLED display manufacturing for the iPhone 14 as well. According to The Elec, BOE sent an executive to Apple’s Cupertino headquarters to explain the matter and claim it didn’t receive an order to manufacture iPhone 14 displays. The iPhone 14 is likely to be announced by Apple during an event in the fall, but according to The Elec, manufacturing of its display might begin as soon as next month.

As a replacement for BOE, The Elec anticipates Apple splitting the 30 million display order between LG Display and Samsung Display. For the next iPhone 14 Pro, Samsung is expected to supply the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch displays, while LG is expected to supply the 6.7-inch panel for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

BOE previously only made screens for refurbished iPhones, according to MacRumors. BOE is now making screens for new iPhones, too. The initial batch of OLED panels for the upcoming iPhone 12 in 2020 will be supplied by this business, but the initial batch failed Apple’s stringent quality controls. A display driver chip scarcity has also hampered BOE’s output since the beginning of this year.

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