Supply of the iPhone 14 could be boosted ahead of its release


According to information obtained by TheElec, Apple will begin assessing BOE’s samples of OLED panels this week with the intention of using them in the next iPhone.

Apple is expected to approve a Chinese display panel manufacturer within the next month, according to reports.

If Apple gives BOE the green light, the company will begin mass production of the panels aimed at the standard model, one of the four in the iPhone 14 series, some time between July and August, provided that Apple provides BOE with the approval.

Apple has already secured contracts with Samsung Display and LG Display for the production of its next best iPhone, the iPhone 14. This model will have a new standard ‘Max’ iPhone in addition to the Pro and Pro Max versions of the device.

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As long as BOE gets the go-ahead, it might mean that iPhone 14 supply at launch will be considerably more numerous than expected, with sources claiming that both larger variants of the smartphone were previously behind schedule.

This means that people like you and me will have a considerably higher chance of getting the iPhone we desire when it launches. BOE has also apparently been given the green light to begin building iPhone 13 panels. After it was discovered that BOE had altered the OLED panel’s thin film transistors’ circuit width without Apple’s consent, the business ceased issuing orders.

According to rumours, Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 won’t have a’mini’ edition, as previously reported, and instead will include a hole-punched front-facing camera in place of the company’s well-known notch, as well as other enhancements to the camera.

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