Taiwanese investigation has uncovered corporate espionage by Apple supplier Luxshare


Authorities in Taiwan are looking into allegations that Luxshare, one of Apple’s primary manufacturers, stole trade secrets and poached employees from Apple’s competitors.

Luxshare has invested in new iPhone assembly plants and factories for wearables and electric cars. Now it’s being accused of stealing commercial secrets and unjustly poaching employees from other companies.

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Reuters reports that Taiwanese authorities have filed charges against 14 people in connection with Luxshare. It’s unclear who’s been charged or if they’re all being held accountable for the same crimes.

However, the authorities claim that they have charged the individuals with breach of trust and taking commercial secrets for use outside of the United States. Prosecutors claim that Catcher Technology employees and secrets were targeted “in order to fast penetrate the Apple production chain to gain orders,” according to them.

As they said, “the department will do its best to investigate such incidents in order to maintain the sound development of our country’s enterprises and to ensure the competitiveness of the national industries.”

There have been no public statements from Luxshare or Apple.

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