Take advantage of the best features of the iPhone SE on your iPhone 13 now!


We’ll have a full review of the iPhone SE soon, but we can tell you right now that it doesn’t bring much innovation. Like the iPhone 13, it has Our review of the iPhone SE will be up soon, but we can tell you right now that there isn’t much new in it. In terms of design, it shares the same chip as the iPhone 13 and the same camera as the iPhone 7. What you can’t get is those cool new wallpapers, which are only available on the Samsung phone.

The wallpapers feature a gradient that blends light and dark colors in vertical strips to form an “X,” matching the new iPhone SE’s colors of midnight, starlight, and red. They’re beautiful and would look great on any iPhone screen, not just the iPhone SE’s tiny display. In fact, they do a great job of concealing the notch, which is absent from the iPhone SE model.

You can get the new wallpaper for your iPhone, no matter which model you have, thanks to 9to5Mac’s extraction of the files from the iPhone SE’s firmware. Save them to your Photos app by opening the full-size images, long pressing or right-clicking, and then dragging them there. Select it from your iPhone’s photo library by going to the Settings menu, selecting Wallpaper, and then selecting a new wallpaper from your photo library.


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