The Apple Watch Might Have Helped This Woman Find Out She Has Lung Cancer


In the past, we’ve heard stories about how the Apple Watch has saved many lives by alerting users to abnormally high heart rates, irregular heart beats, and, in some cases, calling for help when the wearer has fallen and is unconscious. Raylene Hackenwerth, who recently credited the watch with saving her life, is one such example.

A report from ABC Action News stated that Hackenwerth had taken a hard fall and her watch actually called 911 on her behalf and alerted her son. When paramedics arrived, they recommended that she be taken to the hospital, and it was there that doctors discovered that Hackenwerth had lung cancer.

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The watch did not detect lung cancer in Hackenwerth, but if the paramedics hadn’t been called and she hadn’t been rushed to the hospital, perhaps she would not have discovered her illness and received treatment sooner.

In the absence of the fall and the Apple Watch’s alerts, “I would have had no idea that this existed and it may have been too late by the time it was discovered in the future.” Hackenwerth is receiving treatment for cancer, but she is not yet cancer-free at this time.

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