The iPhone 14 Pro was depicted in renders as having a pill and hole design rather than a notch


Ross Young of DSCC recently shared a timeline for the removal of the notch from iPhones. While the vanilla iPhone 14 models are expected to keep the “pill + hole” design, this year’s iPhone 14 Pro models are said to move away from that.

As depicted in CAD-based images of the iPhone 14 Pro, this is exactly how the Face ID module (which requires an emitter and an IR camera) and the single selfie camera will be housed. You can see a lot more space on top and to the side of that status bar because of the active pixels.

Speculation has it that the Face ID system will be relocated beneath the display, leaving only the camera hole. These images, however, appear to confirm the “pill + hole” design that some analysts believe will not be ready in time for this year. Remember that mass production of the iPhone 14 series won’t begin for several months, so these renderings most likely depict a prototype rather than the final design.

In addition to the Lighting port at the bottom, there is a card slot on the side, as can be seen in the renders. This is not the first time that we have heard that the next iPhone will have USB-C ports or that the physical SIM card will be replaced by eSIM.

According to more reliable rumours, there will be a significant gap between the entry-level models and the Pros this year. The notch is expected to be removed from the 14 Pro pair, but that won’t happen until 2024 on the vanilla phones.

Expected differences include the Pros upgrading to the Apple A16 chipset (while the vanilla models stick to A15) and the Pros may also get 48MP cameras, Promotion (i.e. 120 Hz) is unlikely on the vanilla phones, and there may be more. Take these as “maybe” rather than “certainly” because it’s still too early in the process for a final design to emerge.



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