The Samsung budget 5G phones have just been announced; here’s how they compare with the iPhone SE 3


Today, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy A33 and A53, two low-cost smartphones. Samsung’s most popular smartphone category is the Galaxy A line, which includes this model. Both will be released after Apple’s budget 5G iPhone. Based on what we know so far, how do the A33 and A53 stack up against the iPhone SE 3?

You should know that of these phones, Samsung will not be releasing the Galaxy A33 here in the United States. 5G is now available on every phone. It will be available on April 22, the Galaxy A33, and the Galaxy A53 on April 1, while the iPhone SE 3 will be available on March 18, and all on April 22.

Its performance

This year’s A15 chip in the iPhone SE 3 will be tough to beat in terms of performance. On the basis of previous results against Android devices, Apple’s A15 is expected to outperform Samsung’s new Exynos 1280.

While the SE 3 only has 4GB of RAM, Samsung’s phones can have up to 8GB of RAM. In fact, Samsung’s storage starts at 128 GB and can be expanded to 1 TB without any issues at all. The storage capacity of the iPhone SE 3 ranges from 64GB to 256GB.


In terms of lifecycle, Apple has the upper hand. For at least seven years, the iPhone SE 3 will be supported by Apple. Samsung, on the other hand, increased the lifespan of its devices. Upgrades to Android OS and One UI for both the A33 and A53 are guaranteed for up to four generations. Five years of security upgrades are also expected. As many people upgrade in less than a week, this won’t be a deal breaker for everyone.

Photo camera

The cameras of the Galaxy A53 and A33 are vastly superior to those of the iPhone SE 3.

Summary – what’s the best budget phone?

For the money, the A33 and A53 are excellent smartphones. As a result, it’s no surprise that the A series is Samsung’s most popular.

For those who want to stay in the Apple ecosystem, the iPhone SE 3 remains an excellent choice. Because of this, you can enjoy iOS’s simplicity while also getting a lot of power for a lower price. Overall, the iPhone is a great first smartphone for someone who isn’t familiar with the world of mobile devices. Because of its classic design, the latest iPhone still appeals to both old and new Mac users.


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