Three new Mac Studio models are expected to be released by Apple in the near future


It has been alleged that model identification references to three new Mac Studio devices have been discovered within undisclosed Apple code, most likely located within the macOS operating system.

Since the Mac Studio was an instant hit with critics, it’s no surprise that Apple intends to continue improving the design and release new variants. This is especially true because the Mac Studio is the highest-spec model of Apple Silicon Macs without a new Mac Pro.

The Mac Studio models have not yet been released, but a developer has noticed specific references to these models in the code.

Apple’s code references have not been identified by developer Pierre Blasquez. Because of this, it’s not obvious how he can be sure that the three — Mac14,5; Mac14,6; and Mac14,8 — are all from the Mac Studio collection.

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One of the two versions of the current Mac Studio is available. Mac13,1 is the internal identifier for the M1 Max edition. The Mac version of the M1 Ultra is Mac13.2.

It has been discovered that Blazquez’s identifiers have been retrieved from a publicly available software bundle. As far as I know, there are no UI resources or anything truly exciting to tweet about.

Blazquez stresses that this is information obtained from publicly available software and is not being characterized as an insider leak in any way.

As Blazquez points out, the software bundle has been available for months and has been downloaded by others well before him.

There have not been any rumors regarding upgrades to Mac Studio as of yet. Apple has confirmed that a new Mac Pro will be released in the near future, and aside from that, the only other high-end Mac that has been reported is a prospective iMac Pro replacement.

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