TikTok user shares iPhone setting to track down intruders who look at your phone secretly


Anyone concerned about someone monitoring their iPhone can now use a setting shared by a TikTok user to track down the intruder.

TikTok user kaansanity has shared a feature on the iPhone that allows you to receive a photo of the intruder via email if someone takes your phone and opens an app they aren’t supposed to, which is a little known feature.

The process 

Create a personal automation by clicking on the shortcuts button.

Go to the ‘Apps’ section and select the app you want (such as Messages)

Add a new action and select “take photo” from the “camera” drop-down menu that appears.

Turn off ‘preview’ and switch to the front camera.

Enter “next,” then uncheck “ask before running” and press “next.”

Now, tap ‘Mail’ and then’send mail’ to perform a second action.

Input your e-mail address here.

By following these steps, you will be able to see who is spying on your iPhone and receive an email with a picture of the person who is spying on your iPhone when he or she first opens up the application.


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