TikTok’s app store ban has been requested by the U.S. in response to Chinese data concerns


Apple CEO Tim Cook has received a letter from FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr demanding that TikTok be removed from the App Store because of worries over Chinese access to customer data.

Following on from a report by Buzfeed News that TikTok employees in China were still able to access U.S. customer data as recently as January 2022, Carr wrote a letter to Google’s Sundar Pichai expressing worry about Chinese access to user data.
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As you may be aware, millions of Americans have access to TikTok through their app stores, and this app collects enormous amounts of personal information about those users. Chinese law mandates that ByteDance, a Beijing-based company owned by the Communist Party of China, cooperate with the country’s monitoring requests. “This is an unacceptable national security danger,” says Carr of TikTok.

In the past, TikTok has stated that it will be transferring consumer data from the United States to Oracle. Furthermore, it appears unlikely that either Apple or Google will take any steps to remove TikTok from their respective app stores. Especially if ByteDance, the parent firm of TikTok, follows through on its promises to return user data.

TikTok is one of the greatest iPhone apps for users who wish to share and enjoy short video material in a vertical style. Instagram and YouTube have now joined the fray with their own takes on the same concept, increasing the level of competition in the market.

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