Tim Cook is so bullish about such content, even though Coca hasn’t obtained Apple TV+ numbers


The 2nd of April is Los Angeles’ National Day of Service. Do record-breaking Oscar victories like “CODA” lead to a rise in the number of people who see the film? Since its historic Oscar best picture win for “CODA,” which was an original film from Apple, reports “Variety,” it has brought in 25% new viewers to Apple TV+ and increased viewing of the film by over 300% compared to the week prior.

The percentages are meaningless because Apple doesn’t release any actual numbers. A third-party streaming data provider called Samba TV was enlisted by “Deadline” to supply its data needs. Samba TV reports that after “CODA” received three nominations, the film was viewed by an additional 3,75,000 people on Apple+ TV.

Its total audience has risen to 9,73,000 since it was released on August 13 last year, a fraction of the 10.3 million for Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Don’t Look Up,” which was nominated for best picture; 5.3 million for “Dune,” which swept awards in the technical categories; 3.34 million for Jane Campion-starring The Power of the Dog, which won the Jane Campion Award; and 3.4 million for the Jane Campion Award-winning film “The Shape of Water.”

“West Side Story,” directed by Steven Spielberg, has drawn 1.9 million viewers since the Oscar nominations were announced, but Guillermo del Toro’s neo-noir psychological thriller “Nightmare Alley,” which was a box-office failure but attracted an additional 2.1 million viewers after its nomination for best picture, has been the biggest beneficiary of the Oscar halo.

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Apple+ TV will not profit from CODA, nor will it be anything more than a celebrated niche film, but as Apple CEO Tim Cook has made abundantly clear, the tech giant does not “make purely financial decisions about the content (on Apple+””.

In response to this, he said, “We’re always looking for great content that has a purpose.”

On an earnings call following the company’s quarterly results in January, Variety reported that Tim Cook was responding to an analyst question about whether the “socially responsible” programming lens of the new Apple TV+ service might be making the company’s corporate parents reluctant to acquire a studio during an earnings call.

A few years ago, the CEO of the company called out the award-winning comedy-drama series “Ted Lasso,” in which American football coach and English soccer manager Jason Sudekis starred together as a fish-out-of-water American team.

When it comes to “Ted Lasso” and other shows like it, “we love them because they have a reason to exist, and they may have good messages, and they may make people feel better at the end of it,” Cook said, per Variety.

He went on to say: “However, I don’t believe we’ve narrowed the options from which to choose. As of right now, I think we’re doing a pretty good job of picking from the many options out there. “

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Apple TV+ programming slate has racked up an impressive number of awards and nominations, rather than numbers for viewers or subscribers, according to Cook.

According to Cook, Apple TV+ shows and movies have garnered more than 890 nominations and 200 awards in their first two years. Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand star in “The Tragedy of Macbeth,” while Mahershala Ali is the star of the upcoming series “Severance” and “The Afterparty.” Other titles on his short list include “CODA” and “Swan Song,” both starring Denzel Washington.

“Every one is a tremendous credit to all the storytellers in front of the cameras and behind them who touched audiences around the world,” Cook said.

“Variety” quotes Apple CEO Tim Cook as saying that the streaming service is still primarily a loss-leader for sales of iPhones, Apple TV 4K set-top boxes, and other hardware products.

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