To protect themselves against hacking, the government is urging iPhone and iPad users to update their devices


Customers who haven’t updated their iPhones or iPads to the most recent operating system are at risk of being hacked, according to Apple. That means that anyone who has not yet updated their iPhone should do so immediately! To keep your iPhone safe from hackers, as well as to get the latest software and settings! Warning: The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), which is a part of the Indian government’s Information Technology Ministry, has issued a warning to iPhone users.

There have been numerous flaws found in Apple products, including the iPhone, iOS, and iPadOS versions prior to 15.4, Apple Watch, iTunes, and macOS, according to the CERT-in report, which was released on March 17th. The severity of these flaws was assessed as high. A web-based hacker can gain elevated access and run arbitrary code on a victim’s iPhone using the vulnerabilities found in Apple products.

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According to reports, personal information may be exposed, and the targeted system’s security checks may be bypassed. An array of flaws in Apple’s software, including memory leaks, read/write access outside of the allotted memory space, data corruption due to out-of-of-bounds reading and writing, reminiscence corruption, and sorting confusion, are all to blame.

According to this report, when an iPhone or Apple user opens a specially prepared file, a web-based cybercriminal can gain elevated privileges and execute arbitrary code on the system of the victim. This is one method by which cybercriminals can circumvent security measures. The CERT-in vulnerabilities were also mentioned in the government notice, along with the software that was affected by them.

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