Total of 248 patents have been applied for by Apple since 2000 relating to cars


Research undertaken by Japanese news site Nikkei and Tokyo analytics firm Intellectual Property Landscape shows that Apple has submitted and published 248 automobile-related patent applications since the year 2000 in total.

More than a dozen patents cover everything from self-driving technologies to seat comfort to suspensions to navigation to battery management to vehicle-to-vehicle communication (V2X). The most communication and navigational patents have been submitted by Apple, followed by those pertaining to autonomous driving.

It takes roughly 18 months for Apple’s patent application to be published after it has been submitted. As of now, Apple has published eight car-related patents from 2021, but additional patents are expected to be awarded this year, and the number of 2021 patents published is expected to exceed the number of patents Apple published in 2020.

There were fewer than ten car-related patent applications per year in the 2010s, but in 2016, Apple filed 44 of them. In 2017, Apple filed a record 66 patent applications, which is a significant increase from the previous year.

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Apple’s work on a self-driving vehicle originally came to light in 2014, and since then we’ve heard numerous speculations about how far the company has come. In the past few years, the project has undergone a number of adjustments, and the most recent alterations show that Apple is certainly pushing for an electric autonomous vehicle to be deployed by 2020 at the latest.

In recent years, Apple has been in contact with a number of automobile manufacturers and suppliers, but it is still unclear with which of these companies the corporation expects to cooperate for its electric vehicle. Patents pertaining to windows, seats, suspension, and other physical components of a car strengthen speculation that Apple may manufacture a vehicle rather than only focus on autonomous driving software.

According to recent speculations, Apple has big plans for its self-driving car and hopes to have the same impact on the automotive sector as the iPhone did on the smartphone market. Apple is looking into the possibility of four seats facing inward and no steering wheel or brake pedal.

The exact release date of the Apple Car is unknown, but trustworthy sources like Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo have stated that the company plans to release the vehicle in 2025.

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