Traveling with an Apple AirTag can save you time and money


A return to travel is on the horizon after months or years of restrictions. Everyone else seems to want in on the action as well. As a result, there may be a significantly higher number of passengers than what the airlines are normally able to handle. As a result, there will be longer waits at the check-in counter and more misplaced bags.

There is no way to guarantee your safety, even if you only plan to travel with hand luggage, which is my first line of defense against pandemonium. The airline can have you check your carry-on into the hold on an unusually busy trip. After that, your bag is no longer with you.

Therefore, Apple AirTag, a smart button the size of a thick coat, enters the picture. In the event that something goes wrong, you’ll know exactly where to find it if you pack one in each of your bags. Even if you can’t get it back right away, the peace of mind that comes with knowing where it is is difficult to overestimate.

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Last month, I used Find My to track down my misplaced iPad Air (you can read more about how wonderfully it worked here), but the Find My feature in the AirTag is what you need for other objects like keys, wallets, luggage, and so on.

This is how Find My Works, in case you didn’t know. An AirTag in Lost mode sends pings to nearby Apple devices (quietly and discretely) to notify the owner that it has been found. This can be done from your iPhone or iPad. According to Dear Evan Hansen, the AirTag can be found if it can be heard by another nearby Apple device.

The more widely distributed AirTags become, the more reliable the data they send. If this is the case, airports and airlines will have to pay closer attention to people who claim to know where their belongings are located. The battery can be replaced by the user and typically lasts for more than a year.

There are a variety of AirTag attachments available, including key chains and other items, as well as a wallet adaptor from Nomad that prevents the AirTag from protruding out of your wallet in an unattractive fashion.

Although AirTags aren’t perfect, they become more and more useful the more we travel.

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