TSMC’s Second-Generation 3nm Process Will Be Used for Macs and iPhone 15 Pro


Apple’s upcoming M3 processor for Macs and A17 chip for iPhone 15 Pro models would be produced using TSMC’s improved 3nm process known as N3E in 2019,According to a recent rumour from Nikkei Asia, according to a recent rumour from Nikkei Asia. The devices are anticipated to go on sale in 2023.

According to the study, N3E will provide better performance and power efficiency compared to TSMC’s first-generation N3 3nm technology.

The rumour indicates that, in the interim, some of Apple’s next iPad processors would be manufactured using the first-generation 3nm technology from TSMC. According to speculation, Apple will update the iPad Pro next month with the M2 processor, which is produced using TSMC’s second-generation 5nm process. It is unclear which iPad models the claim is referring to. Later this year, a new entry-level iPad with the outdated A14 chip is also anticipated.

The source asserts that 2023 may be the second consecutive year in which only the Pro versions of Apple’s new iPhone lineup include the company’s most recent technology. Apple revealed the iPhone 14 Pro versions this week; these models include the newer A16 processor manufactured using TSMC’s 4nm process, as opposed to the ordinary iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus models, which feature the A15 chip.

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