Two new exclusive games come to Apple Arcade in a reversal of trend


One of the all-time great mobile game sequels is called Jetpack Joyride 2. Despite having had a soft premiere on iOS and Android in the beginning of 2021, it has recently reemerged as an Apple Arcade-only title, where subscribers can access it starting on August 19.

Another frenzied endless runner/side-scrolling shooter action scene is being directed by Halfbrick Studios.

Amazing Bomberman from Konami is a significant new Apple Arcade exclusive that has me much more fascinated. The developer of Rez, Lumines, and Tetris Effect, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, appears to have reinvented the traditional multiplayer arena exploder in this game as a beat-generated light show spectacular.

At least, that is the hope. With “thrilling battles on the stages that alter to the rhythm of the music,” the app’s tagline promises “a new Bomberman game with fantastic music and graphic effects.” On August 5, when the game becomes available to Apple Arcade subscribers, we’ll be certain.

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The Apple Arcade service is in desperate need of a boost, and these new titles provide it. 15 titles have been removed from Apple’s subscription gaming program, which was covered by us just yesterday.

The Apple Arcade service wasn’t exactly living up to the expectations of its 2019 launch, in addition to its declining game portfolio. When Apple Arcade first debuted three years ago, it had 71 games, several of which were exclusives and full originals. More lately, hurriedly reworked older games have been used to expand the list.

Additionally, it comes at a time when, at least in the US market, reports claim that consumer expenditure on non-gaming applications has surpassed that on gaming apps. That is a first.

It’s encouraging to see that Apple hasn’t fully abandoned its gaming service with these two new Apple Arcade-only games, regardless of long-term market trends.

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